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A Hidden Life – first look review

A conscientious objector finds salvation in Terrence Malick’s sublime World War Two-era romance.Terrence Malick’s breathtaking new epic is bookended by a promise made by two lovers to one another, a tender call and response that seems to bridge an infinite distance and spans an endless length of time, reaching all the way to the heavens.…

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The Whistlers – first look review

Corneliu Porumboiu’s melodious crime comedy takes the Romanian New Wave to exotic new climes.Having emerged as the European film movement du jour in the mid 2000s, it’s good to find the Romanian New Wave in such rude health a decade and a half on. Corneliu Porumboiu, one of the scene’s key figures, won the Camera…

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Too Old to Die Young – first look review

Episodes four and five of Nicolas Winding Refn’s Amazon series are filled with seedy, neon-soaked promise.Increasingly Cannes is no stranger to television premieres. In 2017 the festival screened episodes of Twin Peaks: The Return and Top of the Lake: China Girl. Following David Lynch and Jane Campion is three-time Palme d’Or nominee Nicolas Winding Refn,…

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Zombi Child – first look review

Teenage heartache and Haitian voodoo culture come to the fore in Bertrand Bonello’s spiritual folk horror.The dead may have been walking among the living for decades without causing a stir. They move and they moan, their bodies work and their eyes see, but they do not feel. These people are real, and for greed or…

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Little Joe – first look review

A new species of plant poses a threat to humanity in Jessica Hausner’s quietly chilling sci-fi.If there’s one lesson from science fiction cinema that’s worth being reminded of at a time of global ecological crisis, it’s that you should never mess with Mother Nature – and if you do, you’d better be prepared for the…

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Pain and Glory – first look review

Pedro Almodóvar bares all in this affecting portrait of a filmmaker reconciling his past triumphs and tragedies.Pedro Almodóvar has been bringing films to Cannes for two decades now, and while he’s collected a handful of awards in that time – most notably Best Director in 1999 for All About My Mother and Best Screenplay in 2006…

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Birds of Passage

Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego mix ethnography and classical genre filmmaking to vibrant, if lumbering effect.It’s a tale as old as the Hollywood hills: young Colombian upstart marries into a tribal clan by securing a dowry through his drug trafficking payola. But once he’s tasted the good times, it’s hard to resist taking another little…

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Elton John gets the paint-by-numbers biopic treatment in this jumble of troubled-genius clichés.When the biopic sendup Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story hit cinemas in 2007, it could’ve signalled the end for a certain species of hackneyed character study. Instead, it unknowingly provided a blueprint for the many hyper-formulaic analyses of the tormented-yet-brilliant that have…

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